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Binding MAC Address to a port

New Member

Binding MAC Address to a port


i am quite new with Switch configuration, so i'd like to ask help for the following task.

I have an HP 2920-24G Switch configured as a core switch. I have plugged a network printer on one of his ports and i need to bind the Mac Address to that port.

Which is the correct command to do it?


Thanks in advance for help

Mark Wibaux
Trusted Contributor

Re: Binding MAC Address to a port

Not suite 100% sure what you mean by binding the MAC to the port.

I assume you are looking to stop any other device from being able to use that port, other than the printer?

Without knowing exactly what you are trying to achieve, you have several options relating to MAC usage with the switch.

  • MAC-based authentication
  • Port Security
  • MAC Lockdown
  • MAC Lockout

I would suggest that you grab a copy of the "Access Security Guide" for the switch and take a look at these options to see which one meets your need.

My guess would be the Port Security section is the one that you will want to look at.