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Cant add ip-helper address

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Cant add ip-helper address

When attempting to add an ip helper-address to a vlan on a 5406zl I receive the error "unable to add record to table" this only occurs on 1 vlan.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Cant add ip-helper address

Please refer to this link (Start from page192), these are the details for how to configure  ip-helper. 

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Re: Cant add ip-helper address

This is probably bug in firmware. I recently have similar issue with ip class ipv4 command.  For me the only right solution was reload switch or restart primary and secondary management module one by one (only if you have dual mgmt card).

You can do this in following manner:

- Reboot the standby module using the

boot standaby

(and wait a few minutes)
- Confirm that the standby module is now running

show redundancy

- Switchover from the active to the standby module – this caused a few seconds of downtime in my environment (in L3 routing particular):

redundancy switchover

- Once the failover is complete the previously active module will now can be reload too and after this you can revert back to mgmt1 module acting as active (remember about downtime)