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Configuring an ACL on 5406zl

New Member

Configuring an ACL on 5406zl



I am need of some advice. I need to setup a ACL to limit access from one VLAN to another. Here is the setup


VLAN 10 Clients              

VLAN 20 Printer              

VLAN 30 IP-Phones       

VLAN 40 Guests              


I have enabled IP Routing on the switch so currently every VLAN can communicate to each other. However I will now need to isolate the Guest VLAN.


The Goal


Allow full access within its own subnet

Allow full access to ONE IP in another VLAN (DHCP/DNS) for example (from VLAN 10)

Deny all other access (in and out) for VLAN 40


Also it is important that no other VLAN gains access to VLAN 40


I am confused on how to set this up with ACLs. Could somebody be kind enough to show me the code


thank you very much

Honored Contributor

Re: Configuring an ACL on 5406zl

ip access-list extended "Guest_ACL" 
10 allow ip
20 deny ip any any

vlan 40 ip access-group Guest_ACL in