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Configuring the JL256A as a Time Server


Configuring the JL256A as a Time Server

Configuring the JL256A as a time server.
Can the JL256A work as a time server for another switch like this?
If so, how do you set it up?


Re: Configuring the JL256A as a Time Server


I believe you can use JL256A IP as ntp server IP for other switches.

But make sure the other switches has reachability with JL256A.



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Re: Configuring the JL256A as a Time Server

I am unable to set up time synchronization between multiple JL256 and JL075A switches. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.
Switch 1. JL075A's IP address: XXX.XXX.XXX.1 should become an NTP server.
Switch 2. JL256A's IP address: XXX.XXX.XXX.2 must synchronize its time with switch 1. But it does not do this via SNTP and NTP. For some reason, switch 1 does not send him responses to the synchronization request.
How to configure switch 1 to become a time server?
What commands to use?

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Re: Configuring the JL256A as a Time Server

Hi @SEGEYGORNY, if I'm not mistaken Aruba 3810M can act as NTP Client only and so it can only use other systems as time synchronization sources (in other words: it can't act as a time source for other peers).  Have a look here for detailed informations about how to setup time synchronization on ArubaOS-Switch OS based switches.

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