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Connecting Fibre SFP sx Multimode

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Connecting Fibre SFP sx Multimode

Hi There all,


We have a remote office which is connected by a layer 2 private line between 2 bt NTE's from this there is a sfp fiber module which is connected to two routers which carry the traffic between each site.


We have no use for QOS or routing for this line ideally we want it to be a high speed gb link between the two offices with as little equipment as possible. 


We have been given advice by our isp that this is possible for us to uplink the fibre from the nte direct to our switches at both ends.


They have advised us to ensure our switches present as lc sx multimode as this is currently what the nte's are presenting if we can do this then there should be no problem.


We currently have a hp procurve 2910 48 port + 2 mini gbic ports at our main head office along with a hp procurve 2810 48 port + 4 mini gbic ports at the other.


Can anyone confirm if the fiber ports present as this lc sx multimode or if some reconfiguation is required. We dont know the management ip address of the switches either as we are all new to the network in the it department and previous staff did not note anything down if they access the switches at all.





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Re: Connecting Fibre SFP sx Multimode

Hi Lee,

The fibre mode is determined by which SFPs (mini-GBICs) you use. See for details on the available SFPs. The one you're looking for is a J4858C - this is a newer version of the J4858A mentioned in in the first document.

Note that with ProCurves you must use ProCurve-coded SFPs; you can buy genuine from HP, or clones from a third-party supplier like
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Re: Connecting Fibre SFP sx Multimode

Just an addition to Pauls message regarding clones:


HP does not support non-HP transceivers and will not troubleshoot if there are any issues with them.