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Connecting secondary network connection (VLAN)

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Connecting secondary network connection (VLAN)

Hi Everyone

I'm faced with a difficult problem here. I have my internal network hooked up on our lower floor and upper floor. We also have a secondary backup DSL line which is on the upper floor which we use for wireless.

Now we want to setup wireless internet to our lower floor but the only we can do this is to run a cat5 cable through the ground.

I know there is another way to do it with our managed switches. Someone told me this was called Virtual network or Virtual LAN. You can configure one port from each managed HP switch to work with that "other network". So the downstairs switch will get the signal from that one port to use the other internet line.

It's something I'm not familiar with but would like to know if possible.


There is one switch on the lower floor that is on our internal network ( - HP Switch 2520G-24-PoE

The other switch is on the main floor and it is also on our internal network ( - ProCurve Switch 2510G-24

We have a router on the main floor that controls the other internet connection ( - Bell 2701HG-G

So I want to get one port on the lower floor to get the connection to the secondary internet connection. I just don't understand how it gets the actual connection from the other switch.

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Re: Connecting secondary network connection (VLAN)

What do you use to configure the switches? With the older ones, I always found the old "Menu" system was convenient for viewing and configuring VLANs.


 - on both switches, create VLAN 2

 - on the switchports on each switch that they are interconnected to each other with, add VLAN2 as TAGGED

 - on the switchport your wireless network is connecting to, change it to VLAN2 UNTAGGED. On both switches.

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Re: Connecting secondary network connection (VLAN)

I was using the web interface for each card Matcol, as soon as i applied untagged to the wireless port the whole network went down and I had to reset the switch too factory settings.


I did exactly what you said but the 5th floor switch wasn't allowing me too select UNTAG so I went and applied it too the 4th floor switch when that happened.


I will have too try again after hours.