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Coreswitch Routing with VLAN Subnet

Occasional Contributor

Coreswitch Routing with VLAN Subnet

Hi there,

            currently I have a coreswitch model HPE 3500yl Procurve which configured with few VLAN as beow

Vlan 1: Management VLAN Subnet: 192.168.123.x

Vlan2: Data VLAN Subnet: 192.168.121.x

Vlan 3: Voice  Subnet: 192.168.122.x

            Under current config using IP address helper on Vlan 1 and Vlan 2, meaning to elaborate is when I plugin my network cable to IP phone will grab 122 range then from IP phoneport itself plug to my laptop that is able to grab DHCP 121 range.

            If I create another new VLAN subnet eg. 161.x and in order for my WiFi controller install under 121 range environment to detect 161 environment. Can I go ahead to configure on network route similarly to my earlier config between 121 and 122 range when pluin to same network port in the switch under trunking mode with VLAN ID: 2? Any impact to other network subnet?

            I'm  new to network routing solution and any guide can be referred to solution?


Best Regards