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Crash info: Health Monitor: Restr Mem Access

Occasional Advisor

Crash info: Health Monitor: Restr Mem Access

Hi Guys,

We recently ran into a major alarm, that switch member 1 (stack of 3) crashed and we are in need to find the solution for this.

Looks like a software bug to me, but does anyone experienced a similar crash and has the solution?

Switch is one in a stack of 3

HP J9573A 3800-24G-PoE+-2SFP+ Switch

Current flash: KA.15.18.0008 

show log output:

W 07/25/16 10:20:13 03263 stacking: ST1-CMDR: Member went down: Jul 25 10:20:17
M 07/25/16 10:20:13 03264 stacking: ST1-UKWN: Crash info: Health Monitor:  Restr
            Mem Access

========== stackShowTrace output ==========

2255 234272334 SP state machine received 'Crash Info event' event on port 4
2256 234272334 'stackingRcvCrashTlvs' - sent a 'Crash' message
2257 234272334 SSM state machine received 'Crash' event
2258 234272334 'Stack State Machine' - received event 'Crash' in 'Cmdr' state
2259 234272334 'Sending remove packet' mbr id 0 mbr # 0