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Creating clean VLAN config on E2620 that will connect to Sonicwall

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Creating clean VLAN config on E2620 that will connect to Sonicwall

My company assigned me a task to build a Student network that would provide  the connectivity to 3 classrooms, 3  wireless access points and our computer lab. since this would be an untrusted network i want to keep it separate from our staff network and I would also need to control the bandwith that this student network will be allowed to use.

Since I have an unused interface on sonicwall NSA 3500 and i would like to connect HP E2620 switch to this firewall interface.. I can enable the bandwidth policy on this interface so that someone on student network will not kill our single data link if they decide to do some heavy downloads. I came from Cisco world and I have done bandwith policy on ASA and it worked great.

I am new to HP world, so I need some help with configuring HP E2620 switch with 3 VLANs and configuring the sonicwall port to work with multiple VLANs that will be on HP switch..

The objective is to create 3 VLANs on HP switch, say VLAN 17 for Wireless, VLAN 18 for classrooms and VLAN 19 for computer labs.. All of the VLANs should be able to communicate with each other. I know i could do this with a single VLAN but i think it would be bettrer to isolate the wireless network from the classrooms and classrooms from computer labs. That way if one segment has a problem it should be easier to troubleshhot.

Can someone give me a sample configuration and some pointers on how would I configure this on HP E2620 switch and make it work with Sonicwall. I do not know if on sonicwall I need to configure multiple VLANs (VLAN 17, 18 and 19) or do I leave sonic wall configure just VLANs on HP procurve and have procurve route the traffic from one VLAN to another.


I would appreciate very much a a sample switch configuration and advice on sonicwall port configuration.


thank you!