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[DHCP-Snooping] 2910al-48G

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[DHCP-Snooping] 2910al-48G



I've got some trouble to put dhcp-snooping with multi-vlan :

On a Procurv HP2910-al -G48, with :

- Software revision : W.15.14.0007

- ROM Version : W.14.06


The output from : show dhcp-snooping

DHCP Snooping Information

DHCP Snooping : Yes
Enabled VLANs : 3 31 70
Verify MAC address : Yes
Option 82 untrusted policy : drop
Option 82 insertion : Yes
Option 82 remote-id : mac
Store lease database : Not configured

Authorized Servers

Max Current Bindings
Port Trust Bindings Static Dynamic
----- ----- -------- ----------------
2 No - - 1
4 No - - 1
Trk1 Yes - - -



dhcp-snooping authorized-server

dhcp-snooping vlan 3 31 70

trunk 47-48 trk1 trunk

interface Trk1
  dhcp-snooping trust



Without dhcp-snooping, it works fine : i've get an ip address from the good subnet.

With dhcp-snooping enabled, in some subnet, i can get an ip address, but never from vlan 70.


I've enabled "debug" :

debug destination session
debug security dhcp-snooping


and i got thiese messages :


0000:05:29:18.14 DSNP mIpPktRecv:DHCP INFORM: port Trk1, vid 3, from
F4CE46-xxxx, allow: broadcast on trusted input port to trusted output
0000:05:29:18.93 DSNP mIpPktRecv:DHCP INFORM: port Trk1, vid 3, from
1458D0-xxxx, allow: broadcast on trusted input port to trusted output
0000:05:29:19.31 DSNP mIpPktRecv:DHCP DISCOVER: port 12, vid 70, from
68B599-xxxx requested:, allow: broadcast on untrusted input
port to trusted output ports.


vlan 3 :

vlan 31 :

vlan 70 :


So, from the port 12, i should get an ip address on the subnet :

But the i can't get anything.


If i passed that port to another vlan (3,31), it's ok.


So, why could i not get an ip from the dhcp server on the vlan 70 when dhcp-snooping enabled ?


Thank you in advance for your help.


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Re: [DHCP-Snooping] 2910al-48G

Port Information Mode Unknown VLAN Status
---------------- -------- ------------ ----------
12 Untagged Learn Up
Trk1 Tagged Learn Up



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Re: [DHCP-Snooping] 2910al-48G

Anyone Resolve this issue ..I also faced on same concept which is am using smb model switch 5406 zl2  ??