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DHCP Snooping + ARP protect working with DHCP relay

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DHCP Snooping + ARP protect working with DHCP relay


We have two offices. The main office, where there is a DCHP server and a secondary office, whose clients must receive the IP from DHCP server.

We want securize the network using DHCP snooping + arp protect in secondary office.. The goal is that customers can not be assigned a static IP
I have the following data:

The DHCP server IP is ( remote network)
The switch IP is (VLAN 30)
The local network VLAN is VLAN 30
The DHCP server has reserves of MAC for customers in secondary office:

Could you be pleased to tell me how to configure the switch in the secondary site with DHCP snooping + Ralay + arp protect?

is necessary some additional configuration where the switch is the DHCP server is connected? For example, VLAN 30 does not exist in the central office switch.
How can I achive my goal ?
Thank you very much.