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DIMM orange-HP Switch 5406zl

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DIMM orange-HP Switch 5406zl

hi all,  one of our HP Switch 5406zl(J8697A) got orange DIMM. it is no blinking, stays orange, Rebooted switch still issue persists. firmware is K.15.10.0009, ROM K.15.30. Looks like hardware fault in management module. any suggestions.


Re: DIMM orange-HP Switch 5406zl

DIMM (green/Orange)

On -->DIMM status is known and fault free.

Off --> DIMM status is unknown

Blinking --> If DIMM, Fault, and Self Test LEDs are blinking, DIMM failed self-test.

                      If DIMM and Fault LEDs are blinking, an operational fault has occurred.

                    If fast blinking (400ms On and 400ms Off), an operational alert occurred and is unresolved.

If it's non-production switch,  Try resetting switch, if issue persists Log a support ticket to replace DIMM Module

■ pressing the Reset button. On the 5400 zl switches, this is the Reset button on the Management Module.

■ power cycling the switch (if both power supplies are being used, you will have to disconnect both power cords)

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Re: DIMM orange-HP Switch 5406zl

thanks for your reply Som77, switch is on remote site, I have update the firmware and reboot remotely, but DIMM is still orange. client could not able to provide the exact blinking status of DIMM. Could not find any strange error in "show tech all".  any furhter suggestion. thanks