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Difference between ProCurve SFP and HPE SFP

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Difference between ProCurve SFP and HPE SFP

The same product number (J4858C) is available with an HPE label on it and with a ProCurve label on it. Will the ProCurve version of this SFP work in an Aruba 2920 HPW Switch (J9729A) switch? Or must we use only the HPE flavor?


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Re: Difference between ProCurve SFP and HPE SFP

Technically speaking they are the same product (indeed the SKU J4858C is the same); just one main difference (apart being manufactored in PRC versus Malaysia) which then explains others: the reported Manufactoring Date printed on the white label (23rd Week of 2017 for the newer labelled HPE, 29th Week of 2009 for the older labelled HP ProCurve Networking), that difference explains the different Manufacturer labelling (current HPE versus older HP ProCurve Networking), HPE didn't existed in 2009...If I were you I will use the most recent one on the Aruba 2920 (just because I suppose it was never used before, read: I suppose it is brand new)...but, once you verify they do both work correctly, the choice is up to you and your preference.

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