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Disabed port

Occasional Contributor

Disabed port

Hi all,

I wonder if there is a way to disabled a port when the router behind is unplugged.

Just for security reason : the router and switch are not in a "safe" location, away from my office.

And to avoid somebody to plug a computer in place of the router and so have access to the network.

Switch is a HPE2530.


Esteemed Contributor

Re: Disabed port

The best way to do it is to configure 802.1X on both the switch and the router. The 2530 can act as a supplicant (client) and authenticate to the router if it supports 802.1X. Another option would be to configure static port-security to permit only one mac-address.

I would also highly recommend configuring "front-panel-security" on the 2530 to disable the ability to reset the local password to gain access to the management of the switch. I would recommend both "password-clear" and "factory-reset". If you do set these and lose the password, you would have to contact support for a one-time use password to gain access again.

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Re: Disabed port

Hi Eric,

Thanx for this reply.

The static port-security seems to be the best way for me, since i know the router's mac address.

Don't worry ;) the front panel security is set on all the switches that are not phisically in our secure room (remote sites), as well as SSH, SSL and secure login.

Thanx again