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Distinct Voltages on HPE S7506E Switch Power Supplies

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Distinct Voltages on HPE S7506E Switch Power Supplies


I have a H3C S7506E Switch, that has two AC supplies, I want to connect one of the supplies on a 127 V source and the other one on a 220 V source.

Both supplies are 60 Hz. Both supplies are derived from different UPS.

The 127 V supply come from a 20 kVA Tri(input)-Mono(output) UPS, which only deliver 127 V on it's output.

The 220 V supply come from a 3 kVA Mono/Biphasic UPS, which only deliver 220 V on it's output.

Both UPS are energized from distinct Circuit Boards.

Our maintenance electrician accidentally already connected one of those switchs we have on that configuration, one AC 127 V (no UPS on this one) and the other 220 V (with UPS), and I only got to know about that after some months. The equipment is running smoothly.

Can any problem arise from that configuration?

PS: The supplies are rated ~100-240 V. 50/60 Hz.