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Distributed Trunk Question

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Distributed Trunk Question

Hello All,

I've a question about DT , which I know very few about.

We have 2 HP 5206 switches running K.15.04.0 configured with spanning tree and VRRP .


I 'm adding to the network 2 stacked 2920 and I was about to create two LACP Trunk on the core switches

Then I discovered the option "distributed trunk" .

Does it mean that I can create a trunk with ports taken from the two core switches 5206 and connect it to ports on the stacked 2920 ?




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Re: Distributed Trunk Question



Yes that is correct!

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Re: Distributed Trunk Question

You should upgrade the code on the 5406's. There have been a number of enhancements and fixes to DT.

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Re: Distributed Trunk Question

Definitely upgrade the firmware like Eric says. IIRC, there was a specific update (in K.15.06 or similar) that allowed Distributed Trunking and routing to run at the same time.


Current version is K.15.18 - you may want to upgrade to that anyway.