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Distributing Vlans to Mulitiple switches

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Distributing Vlans to Mulitiple switches

Hello every one

I have Procurve 5406Rzl2 it's a core switch and i will connect all edge switches to it so i need to creat all vlans on this swiches and it will be distributed to all switches how can i do this......I read abou GVRP but i can't understand or configure it......Please show me steps

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Re: Distributing Vlans to Mulitiple switches

Hello, if you wrote that you can't understand GVRP (which you decided is necessary and useful for your network deployment) or that you can't configure it (which network topology do you have?) despite you've read about it (what documents/manuals have you read? which blog posts have you followed?) why do you believe that answers to your "Please show me steps" request (to show me = to fed me, isn't it?) will help you understand what you didn't understood before?

Start from official Aruba 5400R zl2 Switch Series documentation (there is for sure an entire Chapter dedicated to GVRP) and also have a look to blog posts similar to this one or this one too (those links are just examples but they are nice to read before starting with GVRP related experiments).

Edit: a GVRP configuration example provided here.