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Duplicate IP address reported on HP 3500YL switch

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Duplicate IP address reported on HP 3500YL switch

I am getting this error on our primary switch - running several vlans. vlan 1 is 192.168.3.x vlan 4 is 172.3.25.x. and are the IP assigned to the switch for each noted vlan. These syslog errors started showing up some time ago, and no explanation why - both myself and the corporate offices manage and make changes infrequently to the switch.

4/5/2018 11:02 AM 02581 ip: IPv4: Duplicate IPv4 address is detected on VLAN 1 with a MAC address of 3863bb-eaaec0 (137 times in 60 seconds)

So to clarify my question, anyone have any ideas on why a duplicate MAC address would be showing for a different VLAN on the same switch with the smae MAC address?  Could I have one of the ports configured incorrectly causing this, or is it more likely to be a device connected to the switch?