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E2810 VLAN issue

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E2810 VLAN issue


I'm using a pair of 2810-48Gs for an iSCSI network.  I have created a VLAN for the iSCSI hosts (VLAN 248).  Port 48 on each switch connects to the rest of our network infrastructure and is the pathway used to SSH into the switch for remote management.  It's settings look like:





All of the rest of the ports look like:







The problem is that I noticed when I plugged some of my hosts into the iSCSI VLAN, they were able to get a DHCP address from the central network servers.  But if I configure the DEFAULT_VLAN on those ports to be "No" or "Forbid", none of the hosts on the iSCSI network can communicate with each other.


What am I doing wrong here?  We aren't using VLANs on our internal network yet, so there is no way to put port 48 only in that VLAN.  How is it that DHCP requests are able to traverse the VLAN boundary?  And why do hosts need access to VLAN 1 in order to communicate on VLAN 248?





Re: E2810 VLAN issue

I don't understand the config information you lasted in.  Maybe it's from the web or menu interface and something got lost in the formatting. 

So it sounds like you want VLAN 248 traffic to stay within the switch and VLAN 1 is used to manage the switch from the connection to the rest of the network on port 48.


The config would look something like:

vlan 248

untagged 1-47,49-50



vlan 1

untagged 48

no untagged 1-47,49-50




If that's basically what you have and your devices on VLAN 248 are getting DHCP from VLAN 1 then perhaps you have DHCP relay setup.