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Re: E5406zl J8697A upgrade from K.15.06.0008 to K.16.02.0014

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E5406zl J8697A upgrade from K.15.06.0008 to K.16.02.0014


I  need to upgrade two 5406zl switches.  Currently they have:

Primary Image : 14844423 10/09/11 K.15.06.0008
Secondary Image : 14844423 10/09/11 K.15.06.0008

Boot ROM Version : K.15.19

The release notes suggest I can upgrade directly (ie it says if your model is not listed, you can upgrade directly), however the summary at the ROM download page suggests I need two intermediate steps:

K.13.58 or newer: Update into software version K.15.15.xxxx
K.15.15.xxxx -K.15.16.xxxx Update into software version K.15.17.xxxx or K.15.18.xxxx

K.15.17.xxxx - K.16.01.xxxx Update directly into software version K.16.02.xxxx


I would appreciate any suggestions.


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Re: E5406zl J8697A upgrade from K.15.06.0008 to K.16.02.0014

IMHO, other than Release Notes, you should also follow the recommendations written into Chapter 10 "Managing switch software" (especially the "Best practices, recommendations, and precautions" paragraph dedicated to software updates) of the HPE ArubaOS-Switch Basic Operation Guide 16.02 (November 2016 edition): it should be safe to do a straight upgrade from K.15.06.0008 to actual K.16.02.0014.

The Boot ROM you have is K.15.19 and taking the K.16.02.0014 Release Notes' "BootROM updates" table (page 23) into account...since your Boot ROM K15.19 is way newer than the Boot ROM should be able to safely update your Switch software directly into the latest K.16.02.0014 (which uses Boot ROM K.15.30).

P.S. expect an automatic double (re)boot to have the upgrade process completed (frist time due to Boot ROM update and second time due to Software version update).

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Re: E5406zl J8697A upgrade from K.15.06.0008 to K.16.02.0014

Thanks for that.

Eventually I discovered we have the chassis hw POE fault, although we do not even use it, I will probably postpone the  upgrade for now.