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E5500 VLAN routing

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E5500 VLAN routing


I hope you can help me after pulling my hair out for two days!


From the ISP I have range of /26 subnet

Gateway is

Usables .194 - .254 inclusive


i will plug this in to port 1 of the E5500


static route is


I will be creating VLAN subnets for each of the ports to access the internet, they will look like this


VLAN 197 - destination - -  -broadcast


VLAN 197 assigned to port 1/0/2


Basic ethernet router plugged in to port 1/0/2 with an IP of and gateway of

Vlan 201 will be: - destination - -  -broadcast


VLAN 201 assigned to port 1/0/3


Basic ethernet router plugged in to port 1/0/3 with an IP of and gateway of


and so on until I have used all of the addresses.


Very simple, each vlan has access to the internet on gateway


None of the VLAN's can access the internet, what have I missed?


Any help and pointing in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks






Re: E5500 VLAN routing

Check if vlan tagging / untagging is proper between uplink ports 

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Re: E5500 VLAN routing

the OP wrote 7 Years arrived a bit too late.

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