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Early Learning for Aruba Vlans, help

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Early Learning for Aruba Vlans, help

wondering if someone could explain how tagged and untagged works for vlans based on this scenario.

We've recently taken over a small setup and i'm trying to get my head round how the vlans work and how they cross talk to each other.

ID        Name                    IP                          Untagged          Tagged
1          MGMT                         2,4,41-48             1
100      Data                3,7-40                 1
105      Wifi Int                  5                         1-2,39-44
110      Wifi Guest              6                         1-2,39-44
999     Edge WAN             1                           None 

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Re: Early Learning for Aruba Vlans, help

It's a shame you don't say what your networking background is i.e. Cisco, HP (ProCurve or Comware) etc.

I'm from a Comware background and tagged means trunked and untagged means access port. So whatever is connected to a port that is untagged only that VLAN's traffic is going through that port. When you need more than one VLAN to go through a port, this is when you tag VLANs. Furthermore, this is why you see the tagged ports more than once in your list.

Hope this is of some help and hope I'm not coming across as condescending.


Re: Early Learning for Aruba Vlans, help


Just want to mention one more thing which you've asked about but was not explained already. Clients in VLANs "cross talking" to one another is simply called "routing" in networking terms. You didn't mention which switch model you have, but all HPE ProCurve/ArubaOS Switches from 29xx Series upwards support routing.

To enable it if the switch supports it, simply enter the CLI configuration context and execute "ip routing" command to turn your Switch into a "Routing Switch". Now clients in different VLANs will be able to communicate as long as their gateway is the IP of the Routing Switch in their respective VLAN. Note that a VLAN without an IP address assigned to it on the Routing Switch will not be routed, so clients in that VLAN will only be able to communicate with one another.

Also note that ProCurve/ArubaOS does not bring a VLAN interface online until there is at least one port that is configured tagged/untagged in that VLAN and the port is up. So if you have set an IP on the device in VLAN X but the VLAN isn't assigned anywhere, you won't be able to ping the IP.

Hope that helps.

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