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Enable LLDP on interface only

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Enable LLDP on interface only

Hi Guys,

I would like to know how to enable LLDP on HP Procurve switches only on the interface connected to switches only and not on Client end, also disable LLDP on the interfaces facing the Client endpoints. below is my illustration hierrarchial.


DISTRIBUTION LAYER ------------------------------------------------------

                                                 [CISCO 2960x]

ACCESS LAYER----------------               |          (trunk)-------------------------

                                                 [HP Procurve]

                                                                 |          (untagged)

USERS -----------------DESKTOP/PHONES/PRITNERS/LAPTOPS------------


*My HP Procurve switch is on my Access Layer Facing the Client Endpoints and has an uplink to a Cisco 2960x switch which is in the Distribution layer. For security reason we would like to disable the LLDP on the ports facing the client and enable LLDP only on the interfaces uplink and connected to another switch

What should I configure? LLDP / LLDP-MED?. We would like to allow all information on the LLDP to traverse on the other switches like CDP and not on the interfaces facing client.  If I'm missing something about LLDP kindly guide me, I'm just new in HP Switches

My HP Procurve information is below:



Hope you get my point guys.

 Thank you in advance :).........

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Re: Enable LLDP on interface only


i looked the command up for you:

lldp admin-status <port-list> {<txonly | rxonly | tx_rx | disable>}


With LLDP enabled on the switch in the default configuration, each port is configured to transmit and receive LLDP packets. These options enable you to control which ports participate in LLDP traffic and whether the participating ports allow LLDP traffic in only one direction or in both directions.


txonly: Configures the specified ports to transmit LLDP packets, but block inbound LLDP packets from neighbor devices.

rxonly: Configures the specified ports to receive LLDP packets from neighbors, but block outbound packets to neighbors.

tx_rx: Configures the specified ports to both transmit and receive LLDP packets. (This is the default setting.)

disable: Disables LLDP packet transmit and receive on the specified ports.

For more information: try this link


Kind regards


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