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Ethernet lost connection after fibre change

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Ethernet lost connection after fibre change

Hi Everyone,


We are using a couple of HP 9147A switches and recently we've upgraded them with the J9008A 10GB SFP+ modules. There were no issues during installation of these modules, once they were in the switch recognized them.

The issue was when we wanted to transfer the connection to them. After disconnecting the 1GB SFP modules we connected the fibre and none of the Ethernet connections worked. The switch could still talk to the layer 3 switch it was directly connecting to via the fiber and could even ping IP addresses on the internet. However no device connected to the switch would get an IP and when we've set a static IP on one device it still would not communicate.

We put everything back to the way it was before this change and devices started communicating as normal. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!



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Re: Ethernet lost connection after fibre change

Sounds like a VLAN problem. Can you explain the configuration in more detail. Do the two switches connect over IRF to create one logical switch. Are you using link aggregation on the 1Gbs fibre ports. You need to check the configuration of the old 1Gbs links and make sure the 10Gbs links have the same configuration.