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Excessive CRC/Alignments and Broadcasts.

Occasional Contributor

Excessive CRC/Alignments and Broadcasts.

Let's say I get the Alignments 6+ times a day, on weekends, then a couple times a day. The broadcasts happen may once a day usually from the same port. (Sometimes more.)


Should I address each issue or is this to be expected? I don't have users complaining, but they usually don't tell me things anyway. Only if drastic.


ProCurve 2510G-48 Y.11.12, ROM N.10.02

Honored Contributor

Re: Excessive CRC/Alignments and Broadcasts.

I would prefer to look at the interface counters to get some quantatitive data, or better have some sort of SNMP monitoring dump the data regularly. FFI on its own is a bit hit or miss: sometimes it tells you something useful but it's often noise.


Also, note there are bugs in older firmware that can cause FFI messages to repeat:



Software Fixes
Version Y.11.30


FFI/Config (PR_0000039989) - FFI - If an FFI event is triggered, and then the link is
brought down and back up again, the same FFI event will be triggered again in about 20
seconds even if the trigger condition isn't met.

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Re: Excessive CRC/Alignments and Broadcasts.

I strongly recommend upgrading to a much later version of code as the early 2510G SW versions were rather buggy (IMHO). Y.11.35 seems very stable and may also help with your alignment errors.