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Fiber identification

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Fiber identification



I want to report a situation I'm facing. My goal is to identify the fiber link between the buildings of my company.

I know for the oldest one that they are OM1. Now I need to identitify the newer one. The only way I found was to test the network speed between two buildings. But sadly, all my ports are occupied except the consol/ management one. Do someone know specific tool to resolv my problem to identify what type of Fiber my company have ?

Do I have a way to do this speed test with switch procurv command ? ( I use these switch all around).

I have found TFTP from Cisco could do it, but I didn't find it from procurve. Do I have a way.

Thank you very much !

PS: I'm not allowed and I don't have the tools for cutting and mesuring the core of the fiber (65 micro meter =/= 50 micro meter)

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Re: Fiber identification

Have you already identified Fiber Optic (SFP) Transceiver pairs used to connect each uplink? It will be a good starting point (testing available throughput of each uplink - with iperf3 client/server tool, as example - will require hosts placed at uplink's ends but results can be impaired by ports settings)).

Switch configuration (uplink ports/LAGs) will help too.

Also checking fiber optic patch cables data (usually printed directly on fiber optic cable's rubber surface) will give you an idea of each cable.