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Flashing DIM Led on Procurve 5412

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Flashing DIM Led on Procurve 5412

The DIM Led is flashing (slow).

Any ideas on how to fix or clear alarm?  Everything seems to be running fine and only see a few user port errors in the logs, nothing indicating a fault occured.  I'd like information other than rebooting it.



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Re: Flashing DIM Led on Procurve 5412

If DIM (RAM module) LED status is blinking orange (On->Off with a 1,6 second cycle duration) there could be three possible issues:

  1. If DIM LED, Fault LED and Self Test LED are all blinking then DIM module failed self-test.
  2. If DIM and Fault LEDs are both blinking then an operational fault has occurred.
  3. If DIM and Fault LEDs are both fast blinking (0,4 second On and 0,4 second Off) then an operational alert occurred and is unresolved.

Reference here.

AFAIK I think such LEDs statues can't be acknowledged (cleared) until faults they report is fixed.

What the show logging command reports?

What is the running ProVision software version (check with show version and show flash commands)?

Perform a configuration backup (via CLI or via Web GUI, doesn't matter) and store it in a safe place, it's a good practice, as example, if (or when) you will be prompted to change the Management Module.

Does the issue show up again if you perform a full Switch power cycle (provided thatn you have a maintenance window to do so safely)?

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Re: Flashing DIM Led on Procurve 5412

From the logs, it's just alternating alerts from the following lines:

Port L11 interface has a NIC that resets every 5 minutes, so not that.

I 05/25/15 10:42:47 00077 ports: port L11 is now off-line
I 05/25/15 10:42:49 00435 ports: port L11 is Blocked by STP
I 05/25/15 10:42:49 00076 ports: port L11 is now on-line

This does not occur that often, not sure what it is.
I 05/25/15 10:43:03 00288 addrMgr: Frame received on port K20 from MAC address

Security team running login tests:

W 05/25/15 10:36:53 00236 snmp: SNMP Security access violation from

This is a mirror port for Internet traffic.

W 05/23/15 23:39:24 00331 FFI: port L20-High collision or drop rate. See help.

bigguy# show ver
Image stamp: /ws/swbuildm/K_rel_hartford_qaoff/code/build/btm(K_rel_hartford_qaoff)
Jan 7 2013 17:07:51
Boot Image: Primary
bigguy# show flash
Image Size (bytes) Date Version
----------------- ------------ -------- --------------
Primary Image : 15592300 01/07/13 K.15.09.0012
Secondary Image : 15592300 01/07/13 K.15.09.0012

Boot ROM Version : K.15.28
Default Boot : Primary


I will try to get a maintenance window to reboot for tonight and report back.  I was just hoping there was something other than a reboot.  Also, there are no other cards or services that flash when I press the fault detect buttons.  Just the DIM led.



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Re: Flashing DIM Led on Procurve 5412

Well...that K15.09.0012 is...quite old, actually the K15.18.0012 (with BootROM 15.30) is the latest available...very hard to guess if such an old Firmware (K15.09) has a role or not...but consider just this fixed bug on a old K15.09.0017 version (see Release Notes of K15.09.0020, latest of K15.09 branch) which was never released (in favour of K15.09.0018):

LEDs (CR_0000133898) - PoE faults cause the DIM Status LED to blink instead of the PoE Status LED.

It's just an example, then you will agree that in so many years and releases *probably* many bugs were fixed regarding LEDs statuses and/or DIM keeping the Switch up-to-date should be a good idea to start with (if no electric issues are really present).

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