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GVRP - Clarification on attached devices (PC's)

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GVRP - Clarification on attached devices (PC's)


I'm very familiar and comfortable with Static VLANs, but have recently come across GVRP and having read what I could find in the HP manuals I'm looking for some clarity on a couple of points. 

I understand that having GVRP enable across all my switches allows any static VLANs to be propagated across each switch.

I also understand if I wanted to add a device (PC)  directly into a VLAN using an untagged port I would need to first convert the Dynamic VLAN to static; however, I had assumed that if the PC's network card was tagged into a particular VLAN it would be dynamically added into said VLAN but this doesn't appear to be the case. Therefore I believe my assumption to be incorrect and that only GVRP enabled devices (Switches) can utilize Dynamic VLAN tagging.


Is this the case?

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Re: GVRP - Clarification on attached devices (PC's)

Hi! like you I'm too very familiar with Static VLANs versus Dynamically (assigned), please, read this old thread and then this new one more recent...both highly recommended to have your questions answered...and consider to read about GVRP implementation directly on your - Core - Switch documentation since there could be differences (restrictions/features) between versions/platforms.

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