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HP 1620-24G Switch - Connecting LANS

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HP 1620-24G Switch - Connecting LANS



For reference this is the current setup of the switch in question



I have these VLAN's setup on our system as theory at the moment.


VLAN 1 is most of the office and site equipment that needs to talk to each other, I.e file sharing.


VLAN 2 is a computer that needs to be separated from VLAN1 as it carries important documents that the boss wants as a standalone, however this computer NEEDS internet access from VLAN3


VLAN 3 - Bt internet connection router


VLAN 4 - Another stand alone with Eclipse as its internet connection.




My question is how do I allow VLAN1 to accept internet from VLAN3? & for VLAN2 for get internet on VLAN3?


This is the first time I have dealt with a managed switch, and can't find a option for allowing VLAN's to communicate with another. Do I need a physical switch/router and use 2 unused ports to make a physical connection or can it be done on the switch it self?


Thanks for any help




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Re: HP 1620-24G Switch - Connecting LANS

For hosts in one VLAN (subnet) to communicate with another VLAN (subnet), their packets need to be routed.


Your routing can be done by a router, Layer3 switch, firewall.


Your 1620 is a Layer2 switch, so it can switch, not route.


If the requirement is to allow communication between subnets, you just need a router.

If your requirement additionally includes preventing communication between some hosts, then you need to use filtering using a firewall or access lists.


One point:

 - putting hosts in different subnets so they "can't talk to each other" is very 1990s. Nowadays, users are authenticated and access is controlled on each host according to permissions granted to the users who access the host.

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Re: HP 1620-24G Switch - Connecting LANS

i am having problems connecting the device to an incoming internet service. So similar question - can I not create a default routing situation by grouping ports in vlans'?


Vlan0001 - port 7 used for administration on internal network connected to office router

Vlan0002 - Port 8 connected to incoming Shaw modem

Vlan0003 - Port 1 and Port 8 where Port 1 is connected to second office router

i would like to use Vlan0003 to allow internet access to this subnet.

It would appear that this should be possible.