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HP 1920 to HP 2920 VLAN issue

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HP 1920 to HP 2920 VLAN issue

I have several HP 2920 and HP 2530 switches and these all play nicely in the sandbox.

I recently needed an extra switch but did not have budget so I opted for a 1920.

So now my issue is getting the 1920 to work with the 2920.

Here is the config:

2920 VLAN 1, 10, 20, 30, IP = in VLAN 1

1920 VLAN 1, 10, 20, 41 IP = in VLAN 1

Connect 2920 to the 1920 and neither can ping the other.

The 2 switches connect but I cannot ping - is this by design or am I missing something?

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Re: HP 1920 to HP 2920 VLAN issue

Hi, what do you mean with "The 2 switch connect but I cannot ping"?

How are both Switches interconnected (uplink)? How did you configured VLANs on both? how did you configured the ports involved on the uplink you have between them? what are your trying to ping to? from what source (Interface, Switch and VLAN) IP Address to what other destination IP Address?

Have you ever considered that misconfigurations don't fall under the umbrella of design features...

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Re: HP 1920 to HP 2920 VLAN issue

Both switches have VLANs that match.: 1, 10, 20, 30, 40

Port 1 on 1920 is connected to Port 2 on 2920

Port 1 on 1920 is untagged VLAN 1

Port 2 on 2920 is also untagged VLAN 1

Both have IP addresses for VLAN 1

Both addresses are in the same subnet.