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HP 2510G Switches

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HP 2510G Switches

Hello All,

I'm sure I'm resurrecting a dead topic here but neverthless I'm in need of some advice. Hardware in use: Three HP ProCurve 2510G (linked by LACP trunk) and single 2610G-POE (non core switch)

The scenario - I've recently inheritted a network (completely flat single VLAN very small scope) so my first task is to create new VLANs to seperate the traffic. I have created the scopes on my DHCP server and defined the VLANs on all switches (tagged on trunks, untagged on 'access' ports). Default gateway on switches points to Core (core switch has FW as default gateway).

Now, the problem. When I connect my laptop or other client device to the switch I get a .169 address. I have seen this before so after some research I discovered that an IP helper would be required unfortuantely this syntax is not recognised on the 2510G models (have since found these are L2 non routing capability) - the 2610 is L3 but is not the core and is not in a position to be used as one. 

So, my question how do I get around this issue without having to purchase new switches? - as far as I'm concerned my setup ticks all the boxes for a 'standard' setup but it seems that this seems to be causing the problem. 

Thanks in advance.

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Re: HP 2510G Switches

You must enable IP Helper (DHCP Relay) on your Core switch (or into your Firewall if the Firewall is in charge of performing the IP routing acting as the Core for your network)...AFAIK the 2510G is just Layer 2 so forget about IP Helper feature.

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Re: HP 2510G Switches

You will need to redesign your network so that you have a Layer3 device as your "Core".

You could trunk all your VLANs to your firewall, or, better, swap the 2610 with the 2510 and use the 2610 as your "core".