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HP 2530-24G-PoEP Switch (J9773A) - PoE Problem

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HP 2530-24G-PoEP Switch (J9773A) - PoE Problem


I have ports 7-12 which are PoE and on a specific VLAN.

All 6 devices which are plugged in on the PoE ports have power. However, it appears only 5 ports have traffic\data going through. I have tried swapping the cables, different ports on the switch, different device plugged in. No matter what I seem to change only 5 of the PoE ports have data\traffic.

All other ports are working fine and get data\traffic without PoE.

Is someone able to help me out with this? Or is there anything I can check\troubleshoot.

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Sam Colman

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Re: HP 2530-24G-PoEP Switch (J9773A) - PoE Problem

Pretty stange. Would be interesting to understand if the issue your Switch is experiencing (no data traffic on some ports while PoE is provided correctly on those same ports, right?) could (or couldn't) be directly related to PoE or just to a hardware issue on those (and only those) exact physical ports.

To check the PoE power budget try the new show power-over-ethernet brief command  (introduced on latest YA.16.02.0014 and YB.16.02.0014).

PoE budget on the HP ProCurve 2530-24G PoE+ Switch lets you to power 6 ports with up to (about) 30 Watt per port since the total PoE+ budget is maximum 195W. Reference here.


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