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HP 2610-48-PWR stopped respond / No logs

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HP 2610-48-PWR stopped respond / No logs


I'm facing a weird problem. One of my HP-2610-48-PWR switch stopped suddendly to respond

I have reboot it, after reboot, it worked again.

When I try to search the failure reason with show logging -r :

- Most of events have 01/01/70 as date, only recent events are up-to-date (because SNTP server has synced)

- I can't see any logs before the reboot

An IMC server is also setup but it does not contain any useful logs (only basic alarms like "device does not respond to ping packets)

My asks :


- Why can't I see the logs before the reboot ?

- Why the switch lost its date during a period ?


Thank you for your help

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Richard Litchfield
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Re: HP 2610-48-PWR stopped respond / No logs

Make sure you have the latest firmware. There was a bug with them years ago where the memory utilisation would slowly climb to 100% and they would stop responding to control.

Having a network management system to capture SNMP and syslog output is always a good idea too - much better than relying on the interal switch log alone.