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HP 2915-8G management VLAN

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HP 2915-8G management VLAN

Hi all,

This may well be a lack of understanding on my part but....

I have an 8 port 2915 switch which is connected to our core ProCurve switch via RJ45s. We have several VLANs, one of which is our management VLAN. Ports 9-10 are enabled and they are untagged for the management VLAN as is the port on the switch to which it is connected, however I am unable to ping or connect to the switch in any way shape or form. That is however until I connect to port 7 (which has been untagged for the management VLAN) then I can ping telnet etc. If I then connect a second cable to port 10 and unplug port 7 I can carry on as normal (port 10 remains pingable etc.) however, if I unplug port 10 I am unable to reconnect to it if I plug it in again.

There are no GBIC modules installed.

Any ideas what I need to do?

Many thanks




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Re: HP 2915-8G management VLAN

Is the management VLAN allowed on link connecting the switches?
What are switch configs?

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Re: HP 2915-8G management VLAN

Sounds like fun.

Basically, you can't reach the management VLAN from a remote host via the uplink ports, on which the management VLAN is untagged.

I would try tagging the management VLAN, personally.