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HP 2920 Switch and Avaya Phone Issues IP 500 + 16xx 1608

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HP 2920 Switch and Avaya Phone Issues IP 500 + 16xx 1608

We are rolling out Avaya 16xx phones with the 500 system.

All our switches are HP Aruba 2920's POEs

My issue is this.

using VLAN 20 set up as below

vlan 20
name "VOIP"
tagged 1-20,Trk1-Trk2
no ip address

Around half of the Avaya handsets work, what happens is they go off for an IP, LLDP puts them in VLAN 20 and they get an IP. They then download the config via http and get to the point of enter the extension.

The ones that do not work pause about 5 seconds then reboot, and fail to do anything other than reboot and this becomes a loop.

The installation engineers tested the phones in a switch thats not HP and the non-working phones work fine outside of the 2920s


To work around it they asked me to do no voice on VLAN 20

This seems to of "fixed" it, but I have no confidence now in what they are telling me, plus some PC's are now dropping into this vlan and getting ips associated with that vlan which is annoying

Has anyone got any experience of using Avaya Phones with the 2920 switches using the Default VLAN 20 and LLDP




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Re: HP 2920 Switch and Avaya Phone Issues IP 500 + 16xx 1608

Sounds to me like you have bridged VLANs somewhere - how are the PCs getting an IP address in the voice VLAN?

Give us the full switch config, as well as the config of the switch the DHCP server is on.

The phones that don't boot up properly - what does the DHCP server tell you about what lease it has offered them?