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HP 2920 Vlan multiple gateway

New Member

HP 2920 Vlan multiple gateway

Hi All ,

As there is no PBR feature on this switch is it possible to do the following :

Current default route :

But I would need to create individual gateways for each vlan as in :

Vlan 1 :
Vlan 10: :
Vlan 20: :

so that if a client is on Vlan 1 or 10 trying to reach out the internet hits its own Vlan gw address instead of the .

Is it possible with this switch, I would highly appreciate your help with this.

Occasional Advisor

Re: HP 2920 Vlan multiple gateway

Hello Jony,

You s

hould consider Layer 3 routes and Device Default Gateways as separate things.

Where is your default exit? Or is this the IP of your 2920? Can you post your config on here?

On the 2920, you can have multiple VLANs with IPs (ex. vlan 1 ip address, vlan 10 ip address, etc). These IPs can serve as the default gateway for the PCs/devices.

You have have multiple routes as well, but the switch will pick 1. If they are the same cost and the switch supports equal cost routes, it will balance between them, BUT I DONT RECOMMEND THIS.

Recommended configuration would be the single default route ( 10.0.99.x) and the multiple vlans i mentioned ealier.