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Re: HP 2920 link LACP load sharing

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HP 2920 link LACP load sharing



Have H3C S5500 switch using as aggregation switch,

interface bridge-aggregation1

port link-type trunk

port trunk permit VLAN all

link-aggregation mode dymanic

link-aggregation load-sharing mode source-ip



had to convert that set of commands on HP 2920 switch

which is done as

trunk <ports> trk1 LACP


having a little consfusion in what does the last line on H3C switch mean ?

how to make it on HP 2920 ?



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Re: HP 2920 link LACP load sharing

The "link-aggregation load-sharing mode source-ip" command on the 5500 is used to set the algorithm that the switch uses to determine which member of a link aggregation a flow should use. On the 2920, the default is to use source and desitination IP for IP packets and source and dest MAC addresses for non-IP packets. You can use the "trunk-load-balance" global command to choose either an L3 or L4 based algorithm. In you case, you can go with the default.