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HP 3800 Switch (J9575A) LACP

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HP 3800 Switch (J9575A) LACP

I have just got hold of a HP 3800 Switch (J9575A) and I am trying to setup LACP, I cant find anywhere in the web interface to configure it.

Does any one have any instructions?


Re: HP 3800 Switch (J9575A) LACP

Hello @Miller75 

Depending on firmware version this switch may have 2 web interfaces. If you see various dashboards when you log in then you are in the improved webUI. As far as I could see there is indeed no way to configure LACP here. Unter Interfaces ->Trunks you can configure link aggregations also called trunk groups . However it looks like only static link aggregations can be created. At least I couldnt see LACP as an option.

If you go to User Details in the upper left corner you can find a button Launch Traditional GUI. The traditional GUI has a different look. There are no dashboards, the home page is showing status and information about the switch. If you have an older firmware like KA.15.x you will see directly the traditional GUI.

Here you can go to Interface ->Port Info/Config. From the port list you select the port that you want to add the to LACP link aggregation. In the Port Properties below the list you click on Change on the right side. Once the options can be edited you select Trunk Type LACP, then just select one of the predefined numbers for example Trk1. Attention: LACP status should remain DIsabled. Select the next port that you want to add to the link aggregation and do the same. You can add up to 8 ports to the same link aggregation group or trunk group.


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Re: HP 3800 Switch (J9575A) LACP

Thats fantastic, thanks for your help