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HP 5500 connect HP procurve 2524

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HP 5500 connect HP procurve 2524

I have configured a 5500 switch that has 4 fiber module.
These are x120 1g sfp lc sx.
I want to place it as the core network.
When I connect this one fiber to a 2524 hp the connection switch is not established.
The LED 5500 is turn off
the LED 2425 is up
I set on A5500 the speed and duplex in auto

It must make a special configuration was in procurve2524 ?
Thank you.

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Re: HP 5500 connect HP procurve 2524


Not sure which SFP you have been using on 2524, below is the compatible one


HP Procurve Gigabit-SX transceiver (J4131B)


Do a loopback test on the Procurve by inter-connecting Tx and Rx using a single fiber lead and check if it comes online 


If the transceiver doesn't come up, ensure you are running with latest code.

cable specifications


Cabling Type: 62.5/125 µm or 50/125 µm (core/cladding) diameter, graded-index,
low metal content, multimode fiber-optic, complying with ITU-T G.651 and
ISO/IEC 793-2 Type A1b or A1a, respectively

Maximum distance:

220m (62.5 µm core diameter, 160 MHz x km bandwidth)
275m (62.5 µm core diameter, 200 MHz x km bandwidth)
500m (50 µm core diameter, 400 MHz x km bandwidth)
550m (50 µm core diameter, 500 MHz x km bandwidth)

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Re: HP 5500 connect HP procurve 2524

Thanks for your answer
The SFP module provides switch is ok when connected with another identical switch. (2524)
I connect a 3600 hp with a hpA5500 and everything is ok.
So I'll download the software for J4813A