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HP 8212zl firmware upgrade

Occasional Contributor

HP 8212zl firmware upgrade

Hi all,

I was wondering if you guys could possibly help me with upgrading the firmware on our HP 8212zl network switches.

I'm pretty new to HP networking kit so need some basic steps of learning how to get this done if possible without breaking anything ! !

I can navigate my way around the web gui OK and noticed theres the update feature (System > Updates) but wasn't sure if this was OK to use as our switches have 2x E8200 management cards in. I have used this in the past to update all our other HP 3500yl switches without issue but never been brave enough to update the main switches ! ! ! !

Other info I've read before seems to use the CLI for updates or TFTP........ Just wondered if the web gui was OK to use as that would be far simpler for me to do.

If it helps, the current software is K15.06.0008 (K15.19 boot ROM) and was looking to go to the latest available.

Something I have noticed is that there's warnings about the potential hang of the switch during an update/reboot with our current old firmware release. Is this going to be an issue for us ? ? ? Does just a reboot fix the issue if it happens ? ? ?


Many thanks