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HP A3600 and 5500 Live interface status

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HP A3600 and 5500 Live interface status


We´re migrating our networking inftraestructure from our old 3com´s switches to new HP switches. There´s only one thing we could´t figured out. 

Whenever we plugged or unplugged a UTP cable from a network interface, the CLI automatically returns a line reporting the link change status, reporting wich interface was unplugged or plugged, if the status was up or down, and other information. This was a HUGE HELP, because we have a mess of cables in the bulding, something that we want to fix, but it would be so much easier if we could enable this functionality. 

Does someone have information about this?

Thanks in advance! And sorry for the bad english =P

PS = If any administrator is reading this, when is signed up my user, i noticed there´s no "Argentina" country when i had to chose my country.