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HP Aruba 2530G POE Cannot connect to web interface

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HP Aruba 2530G POE Cannot connect to web interface


We recently installed two HP Aruba 2530G POE switches for our phone system.  I wanted to check the firmware version of them so I connected to one of them via the web interface.  I noticed that it didn't prompt me for credentials so I went to set those up.

I went to Security > Security Wizard and walked through the settings.  The only thing I changed were the manager and operator passwords.  I left everything else as it was.  Now, the web interface never comes up when I try to connect.

Telnet won't connect either.

Is my last resort the console port?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: HP Aruba 2530G POE Cannot connect to web interface

Just in case someone else runs into this problem:

I read somewhere after my post that if you set the manager and operator passwords the same, which I did, you won't be able to get to the web interface.  I had connected via telnet after this and must have disconnected from those sessions improperly because after a few times I couldn't connect that way either because those sessions were still active and there is a limit of three active sessions from what i read so I was stuck.  The only thing that got me past it was rebooting the switch.  This switch is in production for our phone system so I had to come in after hours to do it.  Anyway, all good now.