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HP Aruba 2930M - Cannot access web GUI

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HP Aruba 2930M - Cannot access web GUI


I`m new to HP switches and beginner with networking, but I know basic information, but not so familiar with practical knowledge. 

My problem is that I cannot enter switch web GUI  via browser (Firefox, Edge or anything). I have done next configurations.

- Assigned IP address for VLAN 1 and checked that all ports belong to this VLAN. (Could not access)

- Also I defined that VLAN 1 is management VLAN. (Did not help either)

- Someone said that that manager and operator cannot have same passwords, so I changed those too. 

- Also problem is that I cannot ping switch.

I have changed my PC`s IP address to same subnet that I have assigned for Aruba 2930M and I´m connected directly to that switch via ethernet and console. Console works fine.

I have read this manual for management:

And also try to search answer from Aruba 2930F/2930M Management and Configuration Guide for ArubaOS Switch 16.05.

Just to be clear. This is just one switch and is not part of big network. I would like to enter web GUI and gain access to it with IP address. 

Sincerely Jarno



Re: HP Aruba 2930M - Cannot access web GUI


I believe you have untagged the port from vlan 1 which are conencting to PC.

Suppose Port 2 is conencting to PC:

then configure like this:

vlan 1

ip add <I believe you have already given>

untagged 2


On PC, give  gateway IP address as switch default IP.



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