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Re: HP Aruba Switch 2920-48G-POE-740W (J9836A) Upgrading Firmware

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HP Aruba Switch 2920-48G-POE-740W (J9836A) Upgrading Firmware

Firstly I would like to say in advance for your answers.

I'm a Network Engineer. However It's first time with the HP Switch technology. Currently I'm working for upgrading HP Switch 2920 with Stacking that are in production running. So I have some question relate to the firmware upgrading:

- Do we able to upgrade the Switch with stack or we need disable the stack and upgrade individually ? Becuase some forum said it need to disable and upgrade one by one.

Can you provide some document regarding the firmware upgrading?

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Re: HP Aruba Switch 2920-48G-POE-740W (J9836A) Upgrading Firmware


You can uprgade the whole stack at once. 

First you will copy the software in the commander switch, after that the software will be pushed on the other stack members.

copy tftp flash <ip-address> <remote-file> [ <primary | secondary> ]

When all the stack members have their software, you just have to boot the whole stack with this command:

 boot system

Note: This will boot the whole stack, so there will be downtime.

You can check this link or this link2 for more information about stacking and software upgrades.


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