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HP Aruba j9775. Any Hybrid Vlan Features

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HP Aruba j9775. Any Hybrid Vlan Features

Hi there! We have HP Aruba j9775a model. There is a goal to connect through one port (for exmp. #47) a hyper-v server with multiple VMs. Each VM has it own vlan number. Port #48 is connected to cisco router, that have dhcp service. DHCP pools based on vlans, e.g. VM from vlan 10 gets 10.10.10.x ip address, from vlan 20 gets 10.10.20.x and so on. The thing is, i need to configure port #47 as a hybrid port , but apparantly j9775 doesn't have that one feature. Is there any workaround solution?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: HP Aruba j9775. Any Hybrid Vlan Features

If the Aruba 2530 48G Switch (J9775A) doesn't support Tagged VLAN(s) (IEEE 802.1q) and so the possibility to set a port with the Port Type of type Trunk - to carry multiple Tagged VLAN(s) - or eventually also of type Hybrid (but Hybrid shouldn't be necessary)...I think it will be nearly impossible.

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