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HP Core Switch to SAN San Switch

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HP Core Switch to SAN San Switch

I just want to ask if there is a compatible 8GB or 16GB SFP module for HP 5406Rzl2 Switch or if there is any protocol needed for us to connect a SAN Switch to HP 5406Rzl2 Switch.


I really appreciate your assistance

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Re: HP Core Switch to SAN San Switch

As already answered here, Aruba 5406R zl2 doesn't support FCoE on its Ethernet ports (no matter if you play with SFP+ interfaces)...nor it supports/has specific modules to do so (check yourself consulting its Datasheet and its QuickSpecs), it's modular...this doesn't necessarily mean it support FCoE or simply FC!

It's like wanting to transform an Orange into an Apple and viceversa...just because they both are similar (they are fruits and they have a similar shape) they aren't necessarily "exchangeable" or "inter-operable"...for sure you are free to cut a slice of an Apple and insert it into an Orange but that Apple slice will continue to be an Apple slice inserted into an Orange. Pardon the raw example but it's that.

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