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HP E5406zl Switch fault led monitoring


HP E5406zl Switch fault led monitoring

Hi all,


we have a J8697A Switch which had a faulty Switch Module (PoE).

Apparently these errors are not covered by the Sensors-OID because we did not get any error!


in the April 2015 MIBs there existst a hpicf ff fault light status under the OID

which does not seem to work with my switch.


In the August 2009 MIBs there is no fault light status!


So my question is


Is there a single generic "error" OID which I can use with my monitoring software.

I dont want to query multiple single sensors, I want to have a single "something-wrong" SNMP query!


It would be nice if somebody could tell me, if this is possible to monitor with SNMP!






Re: HP E5406zl Switch fault led monitoring

Hey Matthias.


The failure of the poe part is logged and trapped for me:

In fact i receive a nicely looking email about a failed 50V power supply


"W 07/27/15 13:36:14 00576 chassis: 50V Power Supply 1 is Faulted. Failures: 1"

 Event ID: .


Not to mention all the failing accesspoints, VoIP phones and POE powered mini remote controlable rocket launchers.


However, your idea of a global "faulty" condition monitor based on the error status led is kind of nice.
I will see if i can find the led status trough SNMP.




Re: HP E5406zl Switch fault led monitoring




it would be nice, if there is a possibility to monitor the led.


I have also traps configured, but this means, i have to configure the switch to not get traps for non-hardware faults!


Monitoring the led would mean a single snmp query for all HW related errors!



Hope there is a possibility to monitor the led!