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HP Port mirroring


HP Port mirroring

Morning all

this is my first post please go easy on me. We have a HP 5406 Zl switch which i would like to mirror traffic from all our VLAN's to an internal snort appliance. i have found the configuration on how to do this however i am only alowed to create 4 monitoing instances. these monitoring instances can only support one VLAN, so when i try and map mupltiple VLAN's to a single instance it just takes the last mapped VLAN and overwrites the previous ones. Is this something that HP are working on to allow the user to add more monitoring instances or multiple VLANS as a low budget cisco 3750 can support up to 66 monitoring instances (i know realistically it would struggle due to its memory and cpu resources). I know that these switches are branch switches but when we were sold them they were compared to a Cisco 4500 catalyst switch which can support more than four monitoring instances.

the Switches currently use the following software image