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HP ProCurve 6660 part of fat tree topology


HP ProCurve 6660 part of fat tree topology


I attached the scheme of topology which I want to implement.  You can see on that photo that I have 1 HP ProCurve 6600 switch which is separated into 4 OpenFlow instances, and 16 open vswitchess (12 of them are OpenFlow bridges on Pica8 switch, and other 4 are software switches which are installed on 4 PCs). 

I configured Pica8 and software switches on the same way and they work correctly together.  I created bridges, attached them ports and set controller.

HP ProCurve instances work correctly when switch is isolated from the rest of the network (small problem is because controller creates flow entires only in software flow table, without using hardware). But, when I connect HP with Pica8 bridges (4 core switches on photo I attaches), I have loop. 

Instances on HP ProCurve are configured to work in OpenFlow v1.0 (I created 4 instances, attached them vlans and set controller-id). Other bridges uses OF 1.0 too.

I'm using pox and onos controllers. And all instances and bridges are connected on the same controller.

Do you know why HP can't work correctly with Pica8  bridges on that configuration??