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HP Procurve 2626 VLANs

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HP Procurve 2626 VLANs


I have a HP Procurve 2626 based series and I'm having problems with it. I've simplifed my lab to start from the begining. 

I have a router when I have VLAN 10 by ethernet 3. This is plugged to HP SW to port 1. And a laptop plugged to port 2 in the HP SW.

Kind of this:

Router-> ethernet 3 -> HP SW port 1 --> ethernet port 2 -> Laptop

I've setup the vlan 10 in router. And then in the HP SW I have the default VLAN and the other I created VLAN 10. I did to test. One tagging port 2 and untagging port 2 (Both times I run config# memory write) No ip is given to the client.

At the end, I tried to setup manually IP on client. and ping the vlan 10 ip address on routher, no success. Then I googled and I saw some post about  HP switches and sound interesting to me, but no success.

My setup in router is

ethernet port 3 

0 eth3

vlan vlan10

dhcp server

dhcp2 vlan10 dhcp_pool1 3d

1 dhcp_pool1


Did I miss something?



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Re: HP Procurve 2626 VLANs

Assuming your HP switchport 1 has VLAN 10 on it as tagged, then there is probably something screwy with your router.